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Let’s Play! – Let There Be Cake!


  • Print and cut out: Equivalent Fraction Cards included in book (see last page after additional resource page for these cards. There are two decks worth of cards available. You will use both sets of cards. See the reference section for website for more cards).
  • Grab enough spoons so you have 1 less than the total number of players.

Objective of the game

To be the last player remaining in the game, and collect four fraction cards that equivalent but do not have to be same to obtain a spoon (e.g., ½ = 4/8 but is not the exact same fraction). Players get closer to being eliminated each time they are left without a spoon, which earns them the next letter in the word C-A-K-E. Once a player has earned all 4 letters in the word C-A-K-E, they are eliminated for that round and can cheer on their teammates.

Number of players: 3-6 players

View the Alberta math curriculum connections here.

Game can be found in It All Begins With The Seed (pg. 45)

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