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It All Begins With The Seed (Version A)


Grades k-3Mathematics, Horticulture, Foods, English Language Arts, Health, ScienceEnglish

Join Chase and Amelia Duffy on a series of adventurous and interactive activities at home or in the classroom, and start the journey of learning about modern agriculture and canola production in Canada today!

Flip to these exclusive gamified activities for grade 3 students, which will help them prepare them for future adventures with Chase Duffy’s when they enter grades 4-6.

  • Back-To-Back: Are you as sharp as a canola farmer? In Back-to-Back, you will determine how well you know your facts and figures!
  • The Quickest Chef: Did you know you can use canola oil in place of butter or shortening in cookie recipes to make a more heart-healthy cookie? Partner with another chef and play a round of The Quickest Chef to use your knowledge of fractions to determine who can substitute canola for shortening the quickest!

Tip: Partner students who have version A with students who have version B and create a unique learning experience!

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