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The Chase Duffy Comics

The Chase Duffy comics chronicle the adventures of Chase, a young track and field athlete as he navigates his way around his grandfather’s central Alberta farm to learn about food, agriculture and canola.

2023 Alberta Teachers’ Conventions

We have partnered with Alberta Pulse Growers Commission and will be heading to Teachers’ Conventions across the province! Check us out and learn about curriculum-based activities that teach health, math, social, science & sustainability linked to growing pulses & canola.


Try your luck at becoming the quickest chef, or become the ultimate champion in Connect-Four- Addition!

Hungry? Our Chase Duffy tried-and-tested recipes will be sure to satisfy your hunger. Have a little fun creating fizzy chaos in the kitchen! 

Curricular Outcomes

Looking for a resource specifically related to curriculum? No problem!

Search for resources by subject or grade as they relate to Alberta’s Curriculum, or view resource specific curricular connections and their links to the Alberta Program of Studies.  

Canola oil with pods

Canola Info

What is canola? What is it used for? How is it sustainably grown?

Learn about canola’s positive impacts on our health, the environment, how to cook with it, and careers and opportunities in agriculture and the canola industry.