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  • Upside Down PLOP!

    Have you ever tried mixing canola oil, salt, and water together? What happens? Try this science activity with the help of an adult to find out!

  • Stained Glass

    A canola plant journeys through many steps before it becomes canola oil! Make a picture of your favourite processing stage, or of your favourite item that is produced from canola and be sure to hang it in the window.

  • Show What You Know!

    We have learned lots about canola! Using recycled materials, let’s make a beautiful yellow canola flower on a separate piece of blank paper. Label all the parts of the canola plant at different stages and show one beneficial insect with it. The key words to include are: flower, stem, root, seed, pod.

  • Light It UP!!!

    What do you think happens when we mix together canola oil, water, and effervescent antacid tablets? With the help of an adult, find out what happens by trying out this glowing bubblicious experiment.

  • Juicy Gel Squish!

    When Chase eats certain candies, he notices some look a lot different than how they actually feel. Have you ever experienced this before? Try making these tasty agar juicy gel bubbles!

  • Ultimate Brain-Build-A-Thon Challenge!

    challenge yourself to see what you can design and build!
    You will have to make one to two batches of sugar cookies and an icing of your choice. You will then use the cookies and icing somehow in all of your designs.

  • Fizzy Chaos

    Amelia and Chase are curious and would like you to help them find out what might happen when vinegar and baking soda are mixed together. This activity will leave you with a fizzy-good-time.

  • Berry Playdough

    Did you know, you can create something magical with berries you may find on a nature walk? Check out this canola infused berry craft.