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  • Grandpa Duffy Maze Game

    Grandpa Duffy Maze Game About the Game Help Grandpa Duffy get his canola seeds through the crushing plant! Related Educational Resources

  • Connect Four: Addition

    Did you know that on average, 1 seed, which produces 1 canola plant, will produce an average of 60-100 pods? Each pod will produce approximately 20-30 canola seeds? In Connect Four: Addition, practice your adding and see how many possible canola plants will grow from one seed! 

  • Back to Back

    As you can imagine, during seeding, a farmer has to know how to add and multiply so they get the best yield possible. Are you as sharp as a canola farmer? In this game, you will determine how well you know your facts and figures!

  • Area and Perimeter of a Canola Field

    Every year before seeding a farmer has to think about the area of canola and other crops they want to grow. They start planning very early for this to make sure they have enough seed during seeding time. Grandpa Duffy would like your help to determine the area and perimeter of his field.

  • 4 Seasons

    Many things in life are connected to the seasons, including canola growth. Play 4 Seasons to help you think about what is happening with canola during the different seasons.

  • The Quickest Chef

    Chefs sometimes improvise and substitute ingredients. Did you know you can use canola oil in place of butter or shortening in cookie recipes to make a more heart healthy cookie? You and another chef will play a round of The Quickest Chef to use your knowledge of fractions to determine who can substitute canola for shortening the quickest!

  • Stand Up, Sit Down

    Dairy cows produce an average of 30 litres of milk per day! When fed a diet that includes canola meal, they produce an extra litre of milk per day. That all adds up! Let’s see your superpower multiplication and addition skills shine!