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Journey 2050

FREE Curriculum based program

Journey 2050 is a FREE agriculture education program that challenges participants to answer the question, “How will we sustainably feed nearly 10 billion people by the year 2050?”

Using an inquiry-based approach, this gamified, virtual program encourages students to make decisions and adjust them as they see their impact on society, the environment, and the economy at a local and global scale. Students will hear from farmers across the globe, learning about their experiences to understand how agriculture differs across the globe.

Feeding 10 billion people by 2050
Journey 2050 takes students on a virtual farm simulation that explores world food sustainability. Using an inquiry based approach the program encourages students to make decisions and adjust them as they see their impact on society, the environment and the economy at a local and global scale. The students hear from farmers across the globe.

Students can also independently download an app version of the game, Farmers 2050, to play from anywhere in the world. Journey 2050 was developed by teachers, industry experts and professional game developers.

Field Trip Program

Currently available in the surrounding area of Calgary, Alberta Canada. A one-day FREE field trip to the Nutrien Western Event Centre located at Calgary Stampede Park can accommodate up to two classrooms or 70 students per day.

The full day educational experience for grades 7- 9 at the Nutrien Western Event Centre on Stampede Park. Journey 2050 takes students on a virtual simulation exploring world food sustainability, engaging and empowering students to think deeper and understand their impact on the world around them.

J2050 for Educators

Choose from one of J2050’s FREE experiences comprised of curriculum-based games, videos and activities. Register and sign in to learn more!

It takes 7 hours to complete the program. Curriculum links occur between grades 7-12; however, due to the high context of the program older grades and even post-secondary educators are welcome to participate.

Using a virtual farming app, interactive activities and hands-on lessons the students will explore important concepts, such as but not limited to:

  • The simple planting of a seed starts a ripple effect that helps farm families, communities, countries and the world.
  • Agriculture is the foundation for life. Sustainable Agriculture balances economic, social and environmental factors for long term success.
  • To feed the world in 2050, we will need to grow over 60% more food on the same amount of land

Alberta Canola is proud to partner with Nutrien and Calgary Stampede to bring Journey 2050 and Farmers 2050 to educators and students.

Classroom Agriculture Program (CAP)

FREE Hands-on agriculture presentation

Classroom Agriculture Program explains the value and importance of agriculture in Alberta. It highlights the vast opportunities in agriculture and the people, producers and industries that drive this trade. The program is presented to grade 4 students across Alberta at no charge. Volunteers deliver the program through storytelling, engaging props and fun activities.

Understanding agriculture and where food comes from

By taking a strong, positive message about Alberta agriculture to the classroom, CAP volunteers have been having a positive impact on Alberta children for over 35 years. The program’s objectives continue to create a positive perception receptive to:​

  • the immediate value of agriculture to the economy
  • the immediate value of agriculture in providing employment in both primary and secondary sectors
  • the immediate value of agriculture to the Canadian lifestyle. For example, pharmaceuticals made available through by-products in the cattle sector
  • the immediate appreciation of Alberta food production and processing
  • the need to protect and preserve the land base which supports the production of food for Canadians
  • the importance of soil conservation
  • the career opportunities throughout the entire spectrum of agriculture ,including support industries

Alberta Canola is proud to partner with Agriculture for Life to bring Classroom Agriculture Program to educators and students.



EPIC (Exploring Possible Industries & Careers) DAY is a large-scale, 2-part, career exploration event that features a variety of career pathways for up to 1200 high school students to explore.

Exploring career opportunities in agriculture

Students are introduced to careers pathways in a meaningful and experiential manner by connecting directly with business and industry representatives and getting a glimpse of what it might be like to work in various fields. Ideally, students will get to explore one occupation from each of the following industries: Agriculture/Environment, Health, STEM, Trades, plus one other miscellaneous occupation that does not fall within these 4 sectors. Local industry professionals showcase their businesses and connect with their future workforce… your students!

Students also tour a local business, discovering firsthand how different occupations contribute to producing quality products and services.

Students can expect to:

  • Be registered in cohort groups of 6 students.
  • Meet 5 hosts working in a variety of industries – students can start their own network of contacts.
  • Participate in interactive displays – rather than just talking to hosts, students will experience a small part of the job and gain a greater insight into what the occupation involves.
  • Learn what it takes to work in those specific occupations, including the highlights/low-lights of the job.
  • Tour a local business, discovering how many different occupations contribute to that business’ day-to-day operations.


Alberta Canola is proud to partner with Career Transitions for EPIC Day to support students and build awareness of the range of career opportunities in agriculture.


Agriculture infuses every aspect of human life, from the food we eat, to the jobs we do, to the products that we create. project AGRICULTURE provides opportunities to explore agricultural themes, topics, issues and challenges in local and global contexts and encourages students to interact with each other, their school community, farmers and content experts.

Providing resources for teacher and students

Why does agriculture matter?

Because it’s about feeding the world’s population

Because it’s about the jobs and food of the future

Because it’s about sustainability

project AGRICULTURE encourages students from both elementary and junior/senior high to explore topics related to agriculture. There are downloadable resources for teachers as well as original video interviews, photos, and learning sources that represent current Alberta farms and farmers.

Educators and students are encouraged to take the project AGRICULTURE challenge, explore an important agriculture based topic, and share their learnings!


Alberta Canola is proud to partner with project AGRICULTURE to educate youth about agricultural and promote agriculture in the classroom.

Cultivate Summit presented by Inside Education

Cultivate is a dynamic education summit that provides high school students and teachers with a unique opportunity to learn about, collaborate on and ultimately advance agriculture education in Alberta.

No-Cost Youth Agriculture Leadership Summit
Cultivate is a unique opportunity to:
  • Increase students’ understanding of agriculture in Alberta through the exploration of sustainability, accessibility, technology, and innovations in the sector!
  • Make real-life relevant connections with agriculture producers, ranchers, farmers, and researchers!
  • Get your boots on the ground with tours featuring livestock, cool crops!
  • Be inspired to complete one of our options for a school or community-based Agriculture Education Project to educate your school and community about what you’ve learnt at the summit!


Alberta Canola is proud to partner with Cultivat8 to increase students’ understanding of agriculture in Alberta.

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI)

Consumers are more interested in how their food is grown, processed and brought to market than ever before.

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity helps our food system ensure it is doing the right things to build trust by providing research, resources, training and dialogue.

Helping Canada’s Food System Earn Trust

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity is a national non-profit organization with a clearly defined mandate as the service provider to help Canada’s food system earn trust by coordinating research, resources, dialogue, and training.

As CCFI gains traction in Canada, the opportunities for collaboration among industry partners, stakeholders, members, and consumers continues to grow. Leading the way in spreading the message of the importance of public trust is key for Canada’s food system and its many opportunities.


Alberta Canola is proud to partner with CCFI to help today’s consumer build trust and understanding of the Canadian food system.