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  • Fizzy Chaos

    Fizzy Chaos How to Video: Fizzy Chaos What might happen when vinegar and baking soda are mixed together? This activity will leave you with a fizzy-good-time. Related Educational Resources

  • Light It Up

    Light It Up How to Video: Light It Up What do you think happens when we mix together canola oil, water, and effervescent antacid tablets? With the help of an adult, find out what happens by trying out this glowing bubblicious experiment. Related Educational Resources

  • Yellow Blooms

    Yellow Blooms How to Video: Yellow Blooms Make this fun-filled mixed medium painting craft! Related Educational Resources

  • London Bridge Isn’t Falling Down

    London Bridge Isn’t Falling Down How to Video: London Bridge Isn’t Falling Down Research and design a bridge and determine how many smaller objects, such as clean and disinfected coins it can hold. Challenge yourself to see what you can design and build! Related Educational Resources

  • Eggs Away

    Eggs Away How to Video: Eggs Away Design an egg-safe contraption that keeps your whole egg safe when dropped from different heights. Challenge yourself to see what you can design and build! You will have to make one to two batches of sugar cookies and an icing of your choice. You will then use the […]

  • Juicy Gel Squish

    Juicy Gel Squish How to Video: Juicy Gel Squish Try making these tasty agar juicy gel bubbles! Related Educational Resources

  • Sugar Cookies

    Sugar Cookies How to Video: Sugar Cookies Make these delicious sugar cookies as a snack, or to be used as building blocks for your other Chase Duffy inspired experiments! Related Educational Resources

  • Nuts N Bolts

    Nuts N Bolts How to Video: Nuts N Bolts Enjoy this have healthy snack with the whole family! Try making some Nuts N Bolts to crunch on. Related Educational Resources

  • Berry Playdough

    Berry Playdough How to Video: Berry Playdough Did you know, you can create something magical with berries you may find on a nature walk? Check out this canola infused berry craft. Related Educational Resources