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With almost $30 billion in annual economic impact, canola makes a large and important contribution to Canada’s economy and employment. Directly and indirectly, canola employs more than 200,000 people who earn approximately $12 billion in wages each year.  

In Alberta, 14,000 farmers grow this versatile, high-value crop. That is just the start of canola employment. Some other canola-related jobs include:  

Plant breeder. Developing new types of canola to meet farmers’ changing needs. 

Seed sales. Matching the farmer with the canola variety that will perform best on their farm. 

Input supplier. Providing farmers with the crop nutrition and pest protection they need. 

Agronomist. Advising the farmer on how to grow the best canola crop possible. 

Market advisor. Helping the farmer earn a good return on investment for their hard work. 

Truck driver. Moving valuable canola seed from the farm to the elevator or processor. 

Crushing plant staff. Processing canola seed into oil and meal.  

Today, agriculture is a thriving and expanding industry – and the canola industry in many ways is a major contributor. If you are looking for a career that plays a vital role in our economy and society, think agriculture.