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  • Black Bean Egg Bites Recipe

    Black Bean Egg Bites Recipe Watch and learn to make these delicious Black Bean Egg Bites.  You can also find the ingredients list and directions here. Related Educational Resources

  • Monster Cookies!

    After Chase has been helping Grandpa Duffy during harvest, one of Grandpa Duffy and Chase’s favourite treats to share is Grandma Duffy’s monster cookies!

  • Did Someone Say Pizza?

    After completing a run through one of Grandpa’s canola fields to practice for track season, Chase loves to help his grandma prepare homemade pizza!

  • Bannock!

    Here is a fun filled First Nations, Inuit, and Métis inspired recipe that can be cooked by anyone. Chase and Grandma Duffy love to make bannock to eat with a bowl of stew on a chilly day. Chase also loves to eat this with margarine and his grandma Duffy’s famous homemade raspberry jam. Remember to have an adult help you with this recipe!

  • Nuts N Bolts

    Grandma Duffy knows that sometimes after all the playing and learning Chase and Amelia do around the farm, Chase and Amelia might have a healthy snack attack! With the help of an adult, try making some Nuts N Bolts to crunch on.