1. CANowledge Update: Canola Explained

    In the fall, we launched a terrific and short infographic animation on canola production, geared for upper elementary and junior high students in both English and French.

  2. CANowledge Update: Canola Fields

    Have you been out driving in Alberta and thought to yourself “Wow! Wouldn’t that beautiful golden yellow flowering canola field look great in our next family picture?” Or perhaps you have thought “Oh, I sure would like some of those pretty yellow flowers growing in my garden. I’ll pull over and grab some! What is…

  3. CANowledge Update: Plant Health

    The Importance of Canola Plant Health for the GREATER GOOD Hello parents, teachers and students! Although we are not able to attend Aggie Days this year in Calgary and Lethbridge, we wanted to let you know we are still working on helping students learn about the importance of their food and where it comes from! Here are some fun filled canola…