What I Love for April…

It’s Aggie Days time – both Calgary and Lethbridge! Imagine thousands of students, teachers and parents who converge in one place to learn about where their food comes from. And each year, it is our pleasure to share with them, facts such as these:

  • Canola is the only truly Canadian crop
  • Each canola seed has about 45% oil
  • What remains after the oil is removed is called meal, and when fed to dairy cattle, the cows will produce up to 1L more of milk per cow per day

2015 is the International Year of Soils, so we’ll be focusing our comments on the importance of healthy soils to the production of Canada’s food supply. Did you know that soil degradation costs Canadians an estimated $2 billion per year.

Want more information on soil? The Soil Conservation Council of Canada – the national organization that “concentrates on issues of soil health and soil conservation within a broadly-based landscape context”. Check them out: www.soilcc.ca

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