Why Do a Science Fair Project?

You may be doing a science fair project because it’s an expectation of your school and/or your teacher. Or you may be taking the opportunity to do a project by choice. Either way, science fairs are great, multi-discipline approaches to learning that may be done at all school grades, by the majority of students.

A Sense of Wonder

When you first start looking at what your science fair project could be, you may be overwhelmed at all the roles that science plays in our everyday lives. Look around you – from when you get up in the morning to when you return to that comfy (what makes my mattress so comfortable?  or the covers so warm?) bed, science has played a role in your life.  Consider the comfort of your home, the clothes you are wearing, and the food you are eating and how science has changed what you are experiencing compared to what your parents or grandparents had when they were your age…

Discovering Something Amazing

A good science fair project starts with a subject that interests you – and on occasion, a subject that you are passionate about.  While you’ll learn something from doing a project, doing something that interests you, also makes fair projects a lot of fun.

You may find something new doing your own project, or confirm something that you wondered about.  Plus you’ll learn from other people.

On occasion, real research done for science fairs, sometimes results in important inventions and discoveries. But even if your project isn’t earth-shattering, you’ll almost certainly learn something you didn’t know before you started.

Developing Skills

Science fairs are designed so that you become better at science. But in doing your project you’ll gain or practice several other skills as well. You may become more familiar with the library or doing research on the internet. You may learn to use a camera or word processing program, master a mathematical analysis, get public speaking practice, or design a great display/poster, etc.

Some of these skills may be scary to learn. But when you’re working on a science fair project, it’s easy to get help, and no one expects perfection. The benefits of the project go beyond learning science. You’ll become more confident, more mature, more disciplined, and more skilled.

Cash & Prizes

The science fair project you do for your science class may get you an ‘A’ and maybe a pretty ribbon.

In the higher grades, if you can take that project to a higher level (such as a regional or provincial competitions), then success could be measured in terms of increased recognition,  a scholarship, educational opportunities, and offers of employment.  Your participation in Science Fairs can also be added to resumes, and job applications.

Even if you don’t win, the experience can awaken an appreciation for science, and what it has done, and can do to make your world better.

Judging Criteria

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