Additional Resources

Classroom Agriculture Program

Alberta Canola is proud to be a member and supporter of the Classroom Agriculture Program! The Classroom Agriculture Program was created to enhance students’ understanding of agriculture and where their food comes from, thereby fostering a greater respect for the industry and the individuals who make Alberta-based food production a reality.



project AGRICULTURE is a brand new, FREE, program for Alberta teachers! project AGRICULTURE encourages students to interact with each other, their school community and agricultural producers and content experts in their outside communities. Students are challenged to create and share their understandings of current issues connected to agriculture through projects they submit to project AGRICULTURE. Encourage students to explore the many photos on this website and in its learning sources that represent current Alberta farms and farmers.


Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C)

Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) is the national voice for agriculture education in Canada.




Journey 2050

Journey 2050 takes students on a virtual farm simulation that explores world food sustainability. Using an inquiry based approach the program encourages students to make decisions and adjust them as they see their impact on society, the environment and the economy at a local and global scale. The students hear from farmers across the globe. 


Canola Eat Well is about inspiring you in the kitchen and connecting you to the farm with Canada’s oil, canola oil.



Inside Education

Inside Education gives incredible teachers the means to venture far beyond their teaching objectives. We empower them to inspire and engage young stewards by incorporating environmental and natural resource education into their classrooms.