What I Love in March…

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I am sad – it’s been such a positive, learning experience – but the last of the Chase Superman Duffy children’s graphic novel goes to print today. For those who haven’t met Chase, he is

Name: Chase Duffy

Age: 12

Height: 4’11”

Hair colour: brown

Chase is a Grade 6 student in a mid-sized city in Alberta. He is a sprinter and long distance runner for the school track and field team, and practices by running around the path of his grandfather’s canola farm. In the winter, he runs on the treadmill.

Chase’s friends call him “Superman” because he can run so fast—a nickname he whole-heartedly welcomes. One Halloween, he even dressed up as Superman. His arch nemesis on the track is Gordon “Lightning” Smith.

Chase loves to read and write. He maintains a weekly blog at www.fieldsofhome.blogspot.com. He also writes short stories and poems—though he’s not as good at poetry. He also maintains a Tumblr account, an Instagram profile, a Facebook fan page and personal page, and he tweets teacher tips @SupermanDuffy.

Chase has a wonderful relationship with his grandparents, particularly his grandfather. The two of them go on many adventures. Check him out on www.supermanduffy. And if you want to get a free set of the books, send a note to [email protected] or tweet to @learncanola.

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