What I Love for February…

By April 4, 2016 Uncategorized

It may be sacrilegious but come Valentine’s Day my fave treat is not chocolate, but rather the little red cinnamon hearts. I usually buy one (or two) bags, and then I use them all year long.

Because I don’t have a lot of dyes in my diet, the deep red of these hearts is not a concern – but I like to use it to my culinary advantage.

One or two hearts are just enough sweetness as a treat! But even tastier is using the hearts to flavour other foods like applesauce, plain yogurt and sweet popcorn treats. And finally, there’s little as comforting as popping a couple hearts in a hot cup of tea, on a cold winter night.

My second fave for February are the daily reminders to pay attention to my heart health from @TakingIttoHeart. Like short daily life meditations, each tweet reminds me of the importance of healthy food choices, regular exercises and managing my stress. Follow @TakingIttoHeart and check it out for your daily reminder to take care of yourself.

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